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Night Calendar. Collaboration with Cia Rinne.


Yokalenteri means, in Finnish, night calendar. The project consists of a large inkjet print: one centimetre per day in width and one millimetre per minute of the day, in length.

The calendar shows the duration of the night, in black, against the course of the day, in white, at the latitude of Helsinki, Finnland, where the poet Cia Rinne displayed her dreams each month of the year across the calendar (in German).

Yokalenteri is the continuation of the Valokalenteri (light calendar) project started during an artist residency in Nykarleby, Finland, in 2003. Both calendars display Finnland's national languages, Finnish and Swedish, reflecting on the impact of night's lengths on personal and social behaviour.

The project was produced for the exhibition "Terra Infirma" at ISCP, Brooklyn, in 2010 and produced by the Finnish Cultural Institute, and now part of their permanent collection.

Inkjet on paper, 375 x 90 cm 

Project in Collaboration with: 

Cia Rinne





TERRA INFIRMA, ISCP, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Permanent Collection: 

Finnish Cultural Insitute, New York. 

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