WIRED (Unplugged).
How to Destroy the First Issue of Wired UK and Make Something with It.


They say printed magazines are dead. Wired Unplugged is a "how-to" project to give them a second life. Wired Unplugged is a collection of everyday objects designed to be made with pages of the first issue of Wired UK.

This collection is conceived as a reflection on the economy of the printed magazine and rethink their business model in four points:
Bring the magazine's message (and its advertising) in places that would never be reached otherwise.
Add symbolic value on the transformable page [more value for the advertising on a D-I-Y artwork to go].
Make mag fetishists buy more copies [one to collect, one to destroy].
Allow people to re-use the magazine differently than initially thought.

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Antonio Scarponi / [onceptual)evices 
Hermetschloostrasse 70, #2.16
CH_8048 Zurich.