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VERDICHTUNG ODER VERDRÄNGUNG? Wenn Neubauten ersetzen*. Exhibition Scenography, ZAZ Museum Bellerive, Zurich.


The exhibition "Densification or Displacement? When New Buildings Replace" at ZAZ Museum Bellerive puts social and structural aspects of urban densification through replacing new buildings up for discussion.

The exhibition is a feature cooperation of the MAS in Housing and MAS in History and Theory of Architecture (gta), with guest contributions from Countdown 2030, Mieten-Marta, Newrope - ETH Professorship for Architecture and Urban Transformation.

The exhibition is divided into two main parts: a historical world overview of several case studies carried out by MAS in Housing and a current close-up survey of Zurich on five case studies of buildings about to be demolished, carried out by ETH-Wohnforum through interviews of the different stakeholders involved.

The exhibition scenography is conceived as an artistic installation using an "as found" strategy to reduce waste and provide a conceptual and poetic approach: the global case studies are showcased inside window frames from a demolished building in Zurich, and all the furniture, produced explicitly for the exhibition were auctioned afterwards.


ZAZ Museum Bellerive


Care of: 

Susan Schindler (ETH gta)

Carolina Gomes (ETH gta assistant) 

Jennifer Duine Barenstein and Tino Schlinzig (ETH Wohnforum) 

Graphic Design: 

Moreno Tuttobene

Technical Support: 

Fabian Ruppanner (ZAZ)

With special thanks to: 


Stiftung Chance

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