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Aquaponic Rooftop Farm, Basel, Switzerland.


Large, flat, homogeneous and unused industrial rooftops offer great possibilities to install urban farms and provide food within the city. Industrial areas building codes normally do not constrain heights, so farming activities are a concrete opportunity to capitalize on the unused industrial rooftop spaces and to grow the city as a living environment.

The Urban Farmers rooftop farm consists of a 400 square meters industrial installation to grow fish and vegetables using aquaponics. A farming technique in which fish nourish the vegetables and the vegetables clean the water for the fish, creating a balanced living environment.

The aquaponic rooftop farm designed for Urban Farmers in Basel consists of a generic architecture approach, consisting of two pre-fab modules that correspond to the two main feature of the farming program: the greenhouse for the production of fish and vegetables and the containers for all the other activities, administration, storage, dressing rooms. Both modules can be installed on the rooftop and organized in different layouts according to the site's needs, size, and specificity.


Urban Farmers AG Basel. 

Total Area: 

400 mq.

Design to Construction Time: 

2010 – 2012.

Design Team: 

Antonio Scarponi, Architect and principal of Conceptual Devices. Stefano Massa, Senior Architect at Conceptual Devices.

Photo Credits: © Monica Tarocco, 2013.


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