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Temporary Greenhouse Pavilion, Institute for Basque Architecture, San Sabastian, Spain.


Udategia, in basque, means the place where summer is produced and kept.
This temporary pavilion was built in two and half days of pandemia in December 2020, with the help of a small group of talented, dedicated young architects on the Institute of Basque Architects terrace for the Food Hack Lab. The Pavillion will will "produce" the "summer" and its products via automated hydroponics.

The Pavillion has been realized and assembled on location with simple means and material. With a height of 540cm, 300cm of with and 350cm of length, the structure is built with small timber profiles covered with polypropylene panels to protect the food growing from wind and salty water.

The pavilion is placed on the terrace of the Institute of the Basque Architects in the historical centre of San Sebastian, and it is facing the iconic beach of "la concha".

The pavilion is designed to grow food and herbs, which will be offered to the public during small summer events.

The project has been realized in collaboration with and thanks to the San Sebastian Food Hack Lab (Andoni Munduarte, Jon Aldalur Soto, Varsha Lai) and the generous support of Euskadiko Arkitektura Institua /  Instituto de Arquitectura de Euskadi (EAI/IAE) of San Sebastian, Basque Countries, Spain. 

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