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Commissioned by the Zurich Center for Creative Economy (ZCCE) in 2022 for the first convention on Creative Economies and "Cultural Heritage", the space transformation canvas is a flexible design tool to involve, collaborate and manage goals and vision with different stakeholders simultaneously.
The canvas is usually creatively adapted based on specific tasks and accompanied by a "time boxing" strategy (max to 5 min for each part) to maximize results.
Part 1: participants are requested to write a list of goals their project aims to address in a free-flow writing way.
Part 2: these goals must be clustered in groups of related issues.
Part 3: the clusters are requested to be represented in a mind-map diagram.
Part 4: based on the visualization, a set of to-do tasks are to be defined to achieve the goals defined at the beginning.
The canvas is conceived to be repeated regularly as a process of knowledge acquisition throughout the design process.
Within a team, several canvases can be confronted to depict a better understanding of the different expectations and problem-solving strategies among other groups.
It is recommended to sketch on the canvas on tracing paper so that different versions and diagrams of evolution can be easily compared without the original layout.

Original Client: 

Zurich Center for Creative Economies (ZCCE)

Download Canvas here. 

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