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Suite Hotel, Riccione, Italy.


Passing by Rimini and its riviera, observing the city and walking the beaches, the architecture is masked and ready for that never-ending saturday night, typical of Romagna summers.

The trampoline suite hotel is characterized by an architectural shell of over a thousand square meters entirely made of Dupont Corian. With 40 years of history re-interpreted and renovated, the architectural structure masked by a ship’s appearance has been transformed from its original playground, including trampolines, into a restaurant and finally into an eighteen suite hotel.

Architectural Design: A. Scarponi, A. Zausa – Conceptual Devices

Executive Design: A. Scarponi, S. Massa – Conceptual Devices

Construction Manager: Christian Mazzotti – Studio Mazzotti

Project Manager: Giuseppe Emiliani – Emmegì

General Contractor: Carpentedil

Interior Design Contractor: Gianluca Sanchi / Sinventa

Structures: Roberto Tonini – Studio AMS

MEP: Gianmarco Amati – IRCI S.p.A.

Electrical engineering: Renzo Tentoni – Studio Tecnoprogetti

Project Construction Coordination: Francesco Calzolari

Collaborators: Arch. F. Pacher, Arch. N. Manenti

Interiors Photo Courtesy of Alessandro Omiccioli

Area: 1343 mq / 6690 mc

Construction Time: 18 months

Construction Periods: September 2009 – May 2010 / October 2010 – July 2011.


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