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Strategic Design Workshop for the Activation of the Olivetti's Heritage. Officine ICO, Ivrea, Italy.


The workshop's goal was to develop a vision for strategic and sustainable development of the Olivetti Factories within the frame of the newly acknowledged UNESCO site of Ivrea Industrial City of the 20th Century on the 1st of July 2018 through a participatory process involving local and international stakeholders. The workshop led to a roadmap defined as the "Living Archive": a vision that sees the territory as the tangible and intangible archive of the Olivetti's heritage.

A first workshop was held in the first extension of the Olivetti Factories designed by Figini and Pollini in 1934 in the so-called "Salone dei 2000", where the "Living Archive" concept was developed. This concept was further developed in a second workshop that had led to a Horizon 2020 project proposal application.

Ivrea, Officine Ico, Via Jervis 8-11, 8-10 July 2018. 

Workshop in collaboration with: 

Icona srl (Andrea Lissoni, Alberto Zambolin), 

Plus Value (Fiorenza Lipparini, Filippo Addarii)

Zurich Univesity of the Arts (Prof. Angeli Sachs, Donatella Bernardi), Markus Schaefer 

(Hosoya-Schaefer Architekten). 


A. Scarponi, L’Etica Laica e lo Spirito del Post-Capitalismo. L’Archivio Vivente di Adriano Olivetti, Quodlibet, Macerata, 2021.

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