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THE INNOCENT CHAIR AND OTHER STORIES. Milano Design Week 2022, Installation at Isola Design District.


The Innocent Chair was initially designed as a pavilion for the reactivation of land confiscated from the mafia in the south of Italy. After the first presentation in Thun in the Konzpethouse Laboratorium gallery, it was presented in the Milano Design Week. 
An abandoned seller was activated for the installation as a place of fantasies and memories. The installation, infact, consists of a mere composition of ropes, bare wood, and shadows. The project aims at reclaiming the relational nature of objects which, in this case, are reduced to the minimum and showcased as suspended bodies of architecture. 

Producer: Das Konzepthaus Laboratorium

Venue: Isola Design District, Via Confalonieri 22, Milano. 

Lighting Design: Lucespazio


The Innocencet Chair, Konzepthaus Laboratorium, 25.3-06.52022.

The Innocencet Chair, Milano Design Week, Isola Design District 7-12.06, Via Confalonieri 21. 

The Innocent Chair, The Cube Gallery, Sihlcity, 23.3-01.5.2023


La Sedia Innocente e Altre Storie di Vita, Liberà e Design, 3rdO Books, 2022. 

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