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TENUN IKAT SIKKA. Fashion Booth, Empowering Sikka's Weavers Community, Indonesia.


The fashion booth is an exhibition scenography device to store, transport and showcase the Ikat from Sikka products in multiple locations.
"Tenun Ikat Sikka" is an association that protects the practice, the tradition, the knowledge and the intellectual rights of the recently acknowledged Geographical Indication (GI) of the Ikat technique from Sikka Indonesia.

The booth can be used in multiple ways based on the different degrees of its opening and functioning at the same time to showcase and as a cabin to try on the various garments. The outer side is also designed to place removable shelves and extend the showcase surface when needed. The project has been realized onsite in Indonesia, empowering local knowledge and resources.

The weaver community initiated the association's mission to make the weaving of Ikat from Sikka a source of sustainable livelihood by providing services for weavers and business actors. Especially the weaving groups/studios aimed to protect Tenun Ikat Sikka products from motifs and name plagiarism by factory-made products that are not original Ikat from Sikka.

The project received the support of the Indonesian government, the Indonesian-Swiss Intellectual Property Project – ISIP. In addition, the association was formed thanks to the Sahabat Cipta Foundation, and the "Tenun Ikat Sikka" was proposed to obtain legal protection.


Tenun Ikat Sikka Association

Project Management: 

Isabel Huamán Diaz, Toqapu_Consulting


Julia Malvina Alexandrovna

Photo shooting:

Irvan Reza 

With the generous support of: 

Swiss Intellectual Property Association, IGE / IPI

Sahabat Cipta Foundation

Fashion Booth Design Assistant:

Elia Algave

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