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TEMPIETTO R. Cork Oak Nursery for the Ramarro Association Caltagirone, Sicily, (under construction).


Tempietto R. is a nursery designed to be constructed with the exclusive use of roof battens in collaboration with architecture students to replace an existing greenhouse previously burned by arson. The structure follows the simple logic and proportion of a "temple" to celebrate the holy spirits of the "genius loci" impersonated by the volunteers of the Ramarro Association who are protecting the natural forest from criminal arsons.
The project was realized within the initiative "Bosco Colto", promoted by Marco Navarra as an architectural and landscape laboratory to explore innovative ways and practices to inhabit the territory surrounding the city of Caltagirone.


Salvo Sicali 

Workshop Partecipants: 

Diana Arina

Eleonora Lippi

Gragorio Polizza

Roberta Longo

Maria Chiara Scelsi


Associazione Ramarro


Bosco Colto

Special Thanks: 

Marco Navarra /Studio NOWA, Salvo Sicali

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