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The Fairy Tale Beanbag.


TANTOOO is a fairytale beanbag, designed as a place where read, and write, fairytales.

TANTOOO® features a double lining. The external one is made of a soft fabric produced for high-end outdoor sailing upholstery, making it easily washable, waterproof, oil-proof and sunlight resistant and smooth like nice thick cotton. The internal lining is 100% cotton and contains the expanded polystyrene beads padding.
TANTOOO® is manufactured in Italy. It is produced on demand, and it can be shipped anywhere in the world.
"Tanto" in Italian means "a lot", so it was called due to its size. After the first edition, a second smaller edition was released, TANTINOOO® (a small tanto) was born.
TANTOOO® when flat, is like a couch in which you can rest, the soft shape adapts to your body, and you can take naps like in heaven. You can also lift it and sit on it like in a normal fat armchair. The head of the animal would work as a soft pillow to lay on.

Vania Ripa, TANTOOO, co-producer/co-founder: 

Collaborators: Stefano Massa, Monica Tarocco, Titouan Russo.


2015 KIDSROOMZOOM 2015, Super Studio Piu', Milano, Salone Del Mobile, Italy.

2014 MY PROTOTYPE. Ex Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy.

2014 Pitti Bimbo, Fortezza da Basso, Firenze, Italy. 

2014 KIDSROOMZOOM, Milano Salone del Mobile, Italy.

2013 DEGNI DI NOTA. Design Week, Berlin, Germany.

Selected Publications: 

- 2013 A. Scarponi, TANTOOO, the fairy tale bean bag, in A. Filippini, Dalla Parte dei Bambini, INTERNI n. 71, April 2013.

- Swissmiss

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