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A Shadow Line Pavilion.


T(h)un is the design of a shadow line conveyed on top of a thin wooden structure. It's light landscape furniture designed to host an open-air moment of social life, and it has been installed at EXPO 2012 in Milano.

T(h)un was conceived as an "architectural portrait" of the valley generated by the river that flows into the homonymous lake that also gives the name to the alpine city of Thun, Switzerland. This landscape is characterized by the peculiar presence of the pyramidal form of Mount Niesen. The legendary mountain of the Bernese Prealps, located on the south coast of the lake of Thun, projects at noon an almost perfect triangular shape on the plane underneath.

The project has been presented first as a prototype at Art Container, a biennial contemporary art event. The artworks are exhibited inside shipping containers scattered around the town and the landscape of Steffisburg, few kilometres West of the city of Thun.

The installation is located at the end of the exhibition path as a meeting point in the open fields. The shape of the sheathing draws a shadow line that resembles the shape of the mountain skyline and measures the scale gap between Mount Niesen and the plane underneath.

Produced by das konzept


Steffisburg Art Container 2015 (prototype). 

EXPO Milano 2015. 

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