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Revolution to Smash Global Capitalism - Exhibition Design at Cabaret Voltaire Zurich.


Only Capitalism can smash Capitalism. With this assumption, the exhibition "Revolution to Smash Global Capitalism" at Cabaret Voltaire Zurich was designed to hack IKEA's customer satisfaction policy resulting in zero costs and zero waste for the exhibition.
Indeed, the exhibition scenography is entirely made thanks to the use of IKEA's Trofast boxes, temporarily assembled with zip ties. In this way, the zip ties are afterwards cut off. The boxes were taken back to the store for reimbursement, profiting from the customer satisfaction policy, according to which the exhibition was scheduled.

As a designer, I like to design things that anyone can make. A good design can turn the world population into the biggest creative industry ever known. I want to draw recipes and instructions manuals as the ultimate design tools to produce devices that anyone can make. Readykea is a modular system realized with two IKEA pieces (Trofast and Antonius) combined and reversibly assembled using zip ties. The design consists essentially in the functional subversion of these two IKEA products.

Readykea is behavioural furniture conceived as an exhibition device commissioned by the DADA House, also known as the Cabaret Voltaire Zurich, for the show "DADA New York II: Revolution to Smash Global Capitalism ".

Adrian Notz and Philip Meier curated the exhibition. The featured artists are: The Yes Men, Reverend Billy, Voina Group, Irwin, Königreiche von Elgaland-Vargaland, Mc Ghillie, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, UBERMORGEN, Roland Wagner.

Photo Credits: Monica Tarocco; Eleonora Stassi;  Carlo Pisani. Photo editing: Stefano Massa. 


2019 A. Scarponi, Readykea, in Site, Vol. 40, Devices, pp. 69-73.



Revolution to Smasch Global Capitaliam, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich. 

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