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Orto perpetuo is an indoor hydroponic garden able to produce fruit & veg all year-round at home.
It is a contemporary edible garden which has come to the city by way of the countryside and adjusted to indoor life through out-of-soil cultivation methods, with the help of artificial light.

Orto perpetuo combines ELIOOO – an hydroponic system made out of IKEA boxes by Antonio Scarponi – and the Quadra, a LED light (14W) for growing vegetables produced by Bulbo. It will feature dwarf-type of vegetables suitable to grow into pots provided by Piccolo Vegs for Pots. Orto perpetuo is a modular edible garden (65x95 cm) which can grow up to 24 plants at once consuming less than 50 watt. For the occasion of Fuori Salone 2014 it will be presented in a 2 square meter version.

Orto perpetuo is a reflection upon the colors and textures of vegetable gardens. Since forever the garden has been home to multiple varieties of vegetables, thriving alongside one another, producing the typical chromatic pattern which everybody recognizes. This colored rhythm is part of a landscape at once ancient and always new.

Project in collaboration with: 


Piccolo Veg for Crop 


Urban Agriculture Survival Kit, Milano Design Week, 2014.

London Design Week, 2015.  

Storie. Il Design Italiano. Triennale Design Museum, 2018. 

Selected Publications: 



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