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OPERA APERTA, Countless Cities, Biennial of the City of the World", Farm Cultural Park, Favara, Sicily.


Opera Aperta is an installation, presented for the first time at "Countless Cities, Biennial of the City of the World", 23.6-28.1.2024, at Farm Cultural Park, one of the most striking examples of culture-led urban regeneration, in Favara, Sicily.

"Opera Aperta", designed together with Beatrice Fontana and Frank Dittmann, brings a Swiss voice that reflects on the Baugespanne, a distinctive tool of the Swiss building process used to visualise any architectural volume preceding its construction.

Decontextualised and stripped of its primary function, the Baugespanne installation of Opera Aperta shows its strong sculptural essence by hacking the exhibition space and seizing the exhibition venues of Palazzo Miccichè.

Opera Aperta aims to trigger the viewers' thinking up of different spatial relationships. Hence, it facilitates the opening of a local discourse on the impact of the built and the (non)built environment.


Beatrice Fontana, Frank Dittmann


Farm Cultural Park, Favara, Sicily. 


Countless Cities, Biennial of the City of the World

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