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How to Transform a Hoodie Into (Nearly) Anything.


Just Undo It is a collection of everyday objects made by folding a hoodie. The project reflects on design, a form of information or narrative that can transform what we can find around us with the idea that design should provide, today, a product "less" rather than a product "more".

Just Undo It is a project initially commissioned by GQ Magazine Italia on behalf of NIKE as a strategy to communicate a high-end sweater produced in Japan. NIKE rejected the communication strategy proposed and the idea of creating a collection of objects that do not exists "unless you make it". The project was then released independently and, within no time, became viral on the internet. Still, today, it is addressed as a classic and iconic "anti product" that characterize the practice of Antonio Scarponi and Conceptual Devices.

Interns: Maya Westman, Susan Park. 

Photo © Monica Tarocco, 2013.


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