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The Impact Hub is a co-working space, part of a worldwide network. The project consists of the interior design inside two iconic arches under the viaduct, fulfilling two different functional programs: co-working and events.

The co-working space is designed with three "environments", with different degrees of interactivity separated by a large furniture wall that opens on both sides and filters and articulates the three environments. The first environment, located at the entrance, is designed to host face to face interactions and small workshops between the different members, happening in the form of socialization facilitated by the unit kitchen/bathroom. The second environment is designed for focused work and small groups teamwork. Finally, the third environment is the most intimate and overlook the second environment from above.

The space for events is conceived as a landscape where small informal interactions can spontaneously occur in the time in between the events. Space is organized around a front bar at the entrance and quiet meeting rooms on the top, which can also serve for sound and light cabin during events.

Client: Impact Hub Zurich 

Surface: 400 sqm

Program: Co-Working Space / Events

Address: Bogen D & E Viaduktstrasse 93 8005 Zürich Schweiz


Arch. Stefano Massa

Arch. Federico Pacher

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