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HUMAN WORLD. A Demographic Atlas of Politics of Culture.


Human World aims at displaying the world's political and cultural information on a population basis. The project raises the question of understanding the politics of culture as a demographic challenge. In these cartograms, each country is scaled proportionally to its population: 1 pixel = 1000 people.
The project refers to Alieghero Boetti's work reversing the idea of the association flag-territory to the concept of flag-population.
Human World depicts the demographic scenario of a world where everyone is technically connected via the internet and social media.

The first of this ongoing project is the Internet Users World Map, made in reaction to the G8 protest repression in Genoa in 2001.

In this collection:
Death Penalty Enforcement in World Countries, 2006.
Population Represented by Female Head of State, 2006.
Population in Free Countries, 2006.
Internet Users World Map, 2001.

Selected Publications: 

- A. Gurung, B. Mc Grath, J. Zha, China and India, Shifting Perspective on Urbanization and Globalization, India and China Institute, New School, New York, 2009, cover image.

- A. Branzi, Modernita' Debole e Diffusa. Il mondo del Progetto all'Inizio del XXI Secolo, Skira, Milano, 2006, pp-32-33.

- A. Scarponi, Political Population World Map, in Grahame Shane, Recombinant Urbanism: Conceptual Modeling in Architecture, Urban Design, and City Design. Wiley & Sons Ltd. Ed., West Sussex, England.

- A. Scarponi, Political Population World Map, in Anna Daneri, Italian mapping:  cartographies and territories, in Version n .4, September 2003.

 - A. Scarponi, Political Population World Map, in AA.VV., POLIS: Urban(e)motion, catalogue of the exhibition. Edizioni Palazzo Stella, Bologna, 2002.

Selected Exhibitions:


Antonio Scarponi / Conceptual Devices, Galleria Contemporaneo, Mestre. 


MEDITERRANEA - 11th Biennal of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, Athens, Greece.


EMPOWERMENT, Museo Villa Croce, Genova, Italy.


POLIS URBAN [e]Motion, Chiesa di San Mattia, Bologna, Italy.

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