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HUMAN CAMOUFLAGE. Uniform Pattern for Civil Purposes.


Human Camouflage, initially designed for a humanitarian organization to demine fields in war zones, aims (symbolically) to camouflage civilians in today's multicultural society. The pattern is composed of countries depicted dimensionally proportional to their population, and each country's surface is a sample of each State Head's complexion. The geographical shapes are assembled, one next to the other, to blend the geographical boundaries.
Human Camouflage is a symbolic reflection to shift camouflage from military to civil purpose and from nature to society.

A limited-edition of Human Camouflage was produced in February 2007 for a solo exhibition of Antonio Scarponi / Conceptualdevices at Galleria Contemporaneo, Venice, Italy.


2007 Antonio Scarponi / Conceptual Devices, Galleria Contemporaneo, 2007. 

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