Somnia et Labora. Portable Office / Hotel Room for Das Konzept.


The 20th century left vast, abandoned spaces in our cities – warehouses, factories, military barracks have been built and abandoned in a relatively short time. Now, the contemporary city is elaborating new strategies to re-inhabit these empty shells.

Designed in collaboration with visual artist Roberto DeLuca for the swiss firm das Konzert, 'Hotello', the four sqm unit is conceived to temporarily inhabit the contemporary city's empty lofts.

Packed into a trunk, the portable space contains all the necessary elements needed to work and rest. It consists of a metal structure that supports a translucent and sound absorbent curtain.

The volume can also be combined and aggregated in different configurations.

Designed with Roberto De Luca for Das Konzept.

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Antonio Scarponi / [onceptual)evices 
Hermetschloostrasse 70, #2.16
CH_8048 Zurich.