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Temporary Pavilion. Participatory process with Kaspar's Center Asylum Seekers and Norwegian Theater Academy Scenography Students, Norway.


Hesje, in Norvegian, is a particular type of primitive structure still used today by fisherman to dry fish near the beach. Inspired by the simple and yet elegant archetypical frame of the Hasje, a pavilion was conceived, designed and constructed in the asylum seeker centre of Kaspar, Norway, during a two weeks workshop with six theatre scenography BA students from the Norwegian Theater Academy and the kind support of Kaspar's Asylum Seekers centre.

The project aimed to confront scenography students with the humanitarian emergency of Kaspar centre through the design and construction of a place, with the centre's inhabitants to host events and celebrate life in different seasons of the year.

Collaboration with:

Prof. Serge von Arx, Norwegian Theater Academy

Kaspar Asylum Seekers Centre, Norway

BA Theater Scenograpyh Students, Norwegian Theater Academy

Norwegian Theater Academy

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