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HARVESTING STATION. Community Gardening Micro Pavilion.


Urban agriculture is a practice that has always coexisted within the city and its historical development. In current times, this practice was revamped as a means of engagement for the surrounding community in local food production. However, contemporary technology has to deal with a phenomenon that previously was not compromising the quality and the health of the food produced in the metropolis: air pollution. To counteract this dilemma, the project envisions a 'harvesting station' designed for veg and the city.

The device has been designed to activate the interstitial spaces of the city – supermarkets, bus stops, playgrounds – and turns them into productive locations. It can grow up to 200 plants in four square meters by keeping them protected from animals and the city's polluted air. The greenhouse is conceived in a wood framework structure realized with basic timber laths and plexiglass. As the overall form shifts upwards, a 500-litre water tank sits atop the gable roof to fertilize the plants using a micro dripping system. the interior cavity houses a floating flag that indicates how much liquid has been collected.

Rendering: Stefano Massa 

Photographs: Monica Tarocco 

Client: Veg and the City

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