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Public Installation, Milano, Italy.


A vertical public space.
The Dreaming Wall is a project for a blank wall in a historical square of Milan. The Wall is conceived as an Info Forum: a public vertical space reflecting the dual character of the city, which has a double life as the city and the piazza do – white and subdued during the day and glowing, luminous green at night.

Collective subconscious. The Wall is seen as a cultural, simultaneous, and random collaborative communication tool, creating a visual buzz. As a public digital billboard, the wall surface at night randomly displays text messages sent by people standing on the square or anywhere else in the world through the Internet. The messages are generated in real-time by a chemical reaction between a computer-controlled UV laser projection and glowing panels on the Wall. This release the text provoked by the UV light, which is invisible. A message would last few minutes before being entirely re-absorbed by the Wall.

Its constant transience metaphorically suggests the subconsciousness of a city asleep.

Project with Antonio De Luca (1980 - 2007 ✝︎), Stefano Massa, Federico Pedrini.


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Antonio Scarponi, Conceptual Devices, Galleria Contemporaneo, Mestre, Italy. 


Dreaming Wall, Gallery44, Stockholm, Sweden. 

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