CAMPO LIBERO (The Innocent House). Off-Grid Pavilion for the Reactivation of Lands Confiscated from the Mafia.


Campo Libero (The Innocent House) is a mobile device for reactivating the lands confiscated from the mafia in the south of Italy. It is designed as an off-grid rural mobile pavilion for the Italian organization Libera, which mission is to promote legality by training volunteers, providing legal support and helping refugees working with no rights in the tomato fields. Campo Libero is designed to overlooks the land, reclaiming the archaic lyricism of the southern countryside.

Campo Libero is designed to extend its volume, thanks to an integrated scaffolding structure that provide access to the roof and allows a second story to be built.

The project was commissioned for the XV Biennale di Architettura di Venezia by Taking Care, the exhibition at the Italian Pavilion curated by TAM Associati. With this project, the curators' intention of taking Care, designing for the commons goes beyond the biennale exhibition and creates an action that will have a real impact in the disadvantaged territories of the Italian urban peripheries.

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Antonio Scarponi / [onceptual)evices 
Hermetschloostrasse 70, #2.16
CH_8048 Zurich.