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BRICK OF MARSEILLES. Participatory, Landscaping Infrastructure, Marseilles, France.


Brick of Marseilles is designed to assemble dry walls that can function as ecological corridors and plug-in infrastructures such as arcades, benches, promenades, and picnic tables. The project is conceived as a participatory factory to disseminate artisanal skills and produce the brick needed to extend the "factory" itself.

The Brick of Marseilles was developed within a regeneration project at the border between a multi-confessional cemetery and social housing at Marseilles north. The project's goal was to create a landscape installation that the inhabitants could have produced to gate the cemetery and prevent vandalism. The wall should have also provided an infrastructure that could protect from atmospheric forces such as wind, rain, or summer sun to the cemetery visitors, featuring bright colours towards the inside of the cemetery and bright colours towards the outside.

The Brick of Marseilles was designed as a landscape element that could mediate different landscaping situations. It was 1:1 prototyped on site involving students from Geneva's Head design School.

The workshop was developed within the "Marseille European Capital of Culture 2013",  under the kind invitation of Civic City, directed by Ruedi and Vera Baur and coordinated by Imke Plinta.

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