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Neighbourship Making via Informal Together Cooking.


The project aimed to activate BA design students to design and build mobile kitchen modules made exclusively with parts assembled "as found". Our work is conceived as a device to interweave a "new" neighbourhood using food as an intercultural language.
Students learned to weld, screw, cut, and most importantly, reach out for help, materials, support, and finally enjoy and share their work with others and bring an intercultural neighbour together via food. All five modules have been realized only by assembling what students could find.

Thanks to the support of the IKEA Stiftung, Zurich, four "eat and meet" events have been organized involving the food waste Zurich community. A collection of different nomadic bread has been cooked and offered as an intercultural degustation. The collection will included “farinata”, “piadina”, “injara”, “samuna”, “focaccia” and others.

The mobile kitchen modules have been designed and built by the BA design students of the Zurich University of the Arts mentored by Clemens Winkler and Antonio Scarponi.

The cooking devices are now part of the social design arsenal of Hic et Nunc at Fogo Areal.

Interdisciplinary Design Course BA Design at the Zurich Universtiy of the Arts with: 

Clemens Winkler

With the kind support of: 

IKEA Stiftung, Switzerland

In collaboration with: 

Hic et Nunc

AOZ Zurich

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