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INNOCENT CHAIR and Other Stories: Opening 23.03.22, Konzepthaus Laboratorium, Thun.

Ten designs by architect, designer and artist Antonio Scarponi, are a manifesto for the “complicated” simplicity and poetry of design. Aspects of the history of architecture and construction, the avant-garde art movement of the early 20th century and the tradition of storytelling in design flowed into the design work of Antonio Scarponi Konzepthaus Laboratorium have produced a limited edition of the INNOCENT CHAIR and will be presented in a unique installation in the Konzepthaus in Thun.

The drafts can be produced using the artistic drawings collected in book wich will be then presented or ordered as a kit from the Konzeptahaus Laboratorium fully assembled as a limited edition, signed by the designer and artist.

Funds swill be Devolved to Ukrainian Red Cross. Exhibition: 25th march 2022 - 4th may 2022, opening at 18.00 h.


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