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"Le Confessioni di Caliostro" notebook at "Detour", Saatchi Gallery, London. Opening 01.09.23.

Keeping a notebook is one of the central aspects of what I do. These are more than a place to take notes and yet, they are marginally related to my work. Rather, they are a place where I become. A mirror without an image.

Two of them are now part of the @moleskinefoundation collection, and they will be part of the travelling exhibition “Detour”, which will land at the Saatchi Gallery in London, opening on 01.09.2023.

"Detour is a travelling exhibition curated by Moleskine featuring decorated notebooks by internationally recognized artists, architects, film directors, graphic designers, musicians, illustrators and writers. Visitors are invited to explore and discover each author's creative process as it unfolds on the blank pages of a Moleskine notebook."

Thanks so much to the brilliant minds behind the great idea and mission that involved me in this project.


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