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Interview with Yona Friedman (2019), published in "The [Seasonal] Arrival to the City".

In 2019 I had the pleasure and honour of interviewing one of the masters that influenced my work the most. Yona was then ninety-six years old. He could not hear well and asked me, with incredible generosity, to interview him via email. The interview was published in the no-longer online magazine "Life at Home", addressing the challenges of nomadic living under the title "The Seasonal City".

I am honoured to say that this document, which is most likely one of the last interviews that Yona released, has been yet published in an ETH MAS Housing publication titled The Seasonal Arrival to the City. Designing for migrants' "transient right to the city", edited by Nitin Bathla and Jennifer Duyne Barenstein.

Book Launch on 06.10.22 at 18.00. ETH Wohnforum Hit H 22.1.


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