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Inclusive Design. Exhibition Design for ETH at House of Switzerland, Milano Design Week 17-23.4.2023

I am one of those kids whose medical improvement, family support, pain and a lot of luck allowed me to walk and have an almost normal childhood, as I was born with an impairing genetic disability.

This year, at the Milano Design Week (17-23.4.23), I had my chance to reflect again on my privileges as I designed the exhibition scenography for “Inclusive Design” at the House of Switzerland, curated by Simone Bücher, presenting the advanced research in prosthetics by @ethzurich

The exhibition scenography I have designed is conceived with “as found” elements, consisting of borrowed and hacked top Swiss Products, featuring an innovative and readapted shelf system designed by @biesenkamp and produced by @konzepthauslaboratorium for the prototype showcase.

The exhibition is designed to travel and adapt each time to the different spaces of the institution that the exhibition might encounter.

It was a great honour to contribute to and support the curatorial team of @ethzurich

Thank you so much, @biesenkamp, for the collaboration and technical support.


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