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La Città Libera at "Critical Care", Zurich Architektur Zentrum (ZAZ). 26.03.2021 – 29.08.2021.

La Città Libera will take presented in the exhibition “Critical Care" at the Zurich Architektur Zentrum (26.03.2021 - 29.08.2021)

La città Libera is a performative installation that aims to explore a participatory "off-grid neighbourship" architectural taxonomy.

La Città Libera is a pre-design tool to inspire the public's imagination to develop a participative self-sufficient urbanization layout.

Participants will "develop" an urban plot and explore how collaborative development can maximize self-sufficient strategies and solutions.

La Città Libera explores and push forward the long tradition of hi-quality/ affordable housing construction, tuned on today's urban challenges.

Workshops Th. 06.05. // Fr. 21.05. // Fr. 18.06. // Fr. 16.07. // Fr. 27.08.2021

16.00 - 17.00


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