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ELIOOO is Part of the Permanent Collection at the MAK - Vienna.

One of my restlessness as a designer is the fact that, indeed, we do not need “anything”. So instead of designing something that we do not need, I think it is more interesting to develop a story that activates the things (that we do not need) and the people who use them (even though they do not need them).

In this spirit, I have designed ELIOOO, an instruction manual that activates some IKEA boxes to grow food with hydroponics.

I like hydroponics because you can grow food anywhere and protect the crops from the city's polluted soil.

I was interested in developing an aesthetic of simplicity and considered design as a form of knowledge that activates people instead of making them buy more.

With this premise, I am happy to announce that ELIOOO, which was exhibited at the Biennale for Change in Vienna 2021, is now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna.


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