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ELIOOO at PLANT FEVER, CID au Grand-Hornu, Belgium, 18.10.2020 - 07.03.2021

ELIOOO, the instruction manual about "how to go to IKEA" and grow food in your apartment using hydroponics will be presented at PLANT FEVER hosted by CID au Grand-Hornu, Belgium.

A touring exhibition, a book and a manifesto to discover the hidden potential of plants and rethink our relationship with them.

For centuries, our inherent alienation from nature has prevented us from truly understanding the potential of plants as more than simple materials or decorative objects. In recent years, however, new scientific discoveries and philosophical approaches have reframed our relationship with them, questioning the dualism human/nature so much rooted in Western thinking.

Echoing the belief of American ecologist Ian Baldwin that "we should try to think like plants", designers, scientists and engineers, started to look into plants’ structures and behaviours adopting them as allies to develop solutions for current and upcoming environmental and social issues.

Plant Fever proposes to look at the future of design from this new vegetal perspective, moving from a human-centred to a phyto-centred design.


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