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ELIOOO at the Vienna Biennale for Change 2021: Planet Love. 28.5. – 3.10.2021

With its motto PLANET LOVE the VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2021 is dedicated to the greatest challenge of our digital age: climate care. PLANET LOVE means a fundamentally new relationship between people and planet, which aims at using the Earth’s resources considerately rather than maximizing their exploitation, and whose approach is characterized by humility, respect, and appreciation of its biological diversity and beauty. Climate care is considered a central aspect of PLANET LOVE and goes far beyond decarbonizing the economy and society: it encompasses the question of how we can build a sustainable foundation for our relationship to the Earth and always involves a social dimension.

The VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2021 with its title PLANET LOVE. Climate Care in the Digital Age will open on 27 May 2021. In exhibitions and discussion projects its organizers—the MAK, the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the Kunsthalle Wien, the Architekturzentrum Wien, and the Vienna Business Agency, as well as the KUNST HAUS WIEN as a new partner and the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology as a non-university research partner—are bringing together visionary designs and exceptional ideas by artists, designers, and architects who make a radical change to our societies and economies irresistible in the interests of PLANET LOVE and sustainable climate care.

The VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2021 aspires to fire our imaginations, promote the vision of ecosocially sustainable societies and economies, and offer innovative ideas and solutions: to mitigate the climate crisis, to restore and preserve ecosystems, to maintain biodiversity, and to use digital technologies for the benefit of the climate and environment. It not only encourages visitors to stop and reconsider but also demands that every sociopolitical force and every individual take resolute action to overcome the climate and ecological crisis.


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