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Cultural Heritage in Zurich’s Industrial District. The Limmathaus Case: Workshop 09.09 at 13-16.30h.

What is the nature of cultural heritage, and how can it meet future city transformation challenges? Furthermore, how can cultural heritage enhance it?

Thursday 09.09 in TONI AREAL, Zurich, I will hold a workshop within the context of the Creative Economies Forum 2021 and reflect on the case of LIMMATHAUS in collaboration with the Impact Hub and the Zurich Center for Creative Economies to activate creative and entrepreneurial minds to envision cultural heritage as a propeller of spatial (and social) transformation.

The participants will receive the basic knowledge to tackle the challenges of mixed and temporary uses and understand “placemaking” strategies to activate the cultural heritage of built environments. The workshop will be focused on the case of Limmathaus.

Register here.


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