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Creative Zürich Wednesday: 07.07 at 18.00 a discussion (online) on the future of “Zwischennutzung”.

Wednesday 07.07 at 18.00 I will take part in a panel discussion at Creative Zurich Wednesday on the new “Zwischennutzung” concepts.

All the info for the event and zoom link here.

Zwischenzennutzung, literally “use in-between“, has a relatively well established and innovative policy in Zurich. It has been widely used as a regeneration tool, by facilitating “uses” in “between“ the time and phases of the city and its architecture, becoming a very effective tool of social innovation.

The pandemia has changed the fragile games of the city uses impacting the already turmoil world of retail. Once again, all the crises reveal the naked king and point towards new possibilities.

I will be happy to take part to the discussion on new Zwischennutzung concepts with two other entrepreneurs:

Sonja Amport, CEO STF Schweizerische Textilfachschule and Nikkol Rot, founder of Die Sollbruchstelle.

The event will be moderated by the one and only Daniel Frei.


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