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Bosco Colto 2024, Summer School Workshop: Five Scholarship Available.

As co-founder of the Institute for Spatial Thinking, we are pleased to announce scholarships for five Swiss students to attend Re-Assemblage – Summer School at Bosco Colto Campus 2024, (@boscocolto) Caltagirone, Sicily, from 23-31.08.2024.

💥 Open Call for Scholarships Summer School at Bosco Colto Campus 2024

🗓 23-31.08.24, 📍Caltagirone, Sicily.

🎯 Application deadline: 14.7.24

🔗 Application details here.

Bosco Colto Campus explores a transversal field of creativity where architecture, art, photography, video, design techniques, writing, communication, and gastronomy intersect, experimenting with different ideas and materials through self-construction. By activating a site-specific strategy, it develops various forms of engagement with the place across its different dimensions: local communities, landscapes, nature, history, and economy.

The workshops aim to transcend conventional boundaries within the design profession, fostering innovation and pushing Swiss students to explore new horizons. Moreover, they offer valuable insights into purpose-driven projects, emphasizing the importance of design in addressing societal and environmental challenges.

The Bosco Colto Campus 2024 focuses on Re-Assemblage, exploring ways to learn from nature and Earth's materials. In response to planetary crises, it promotes a 'slow' presence, immersing in life's flows. Re-Assemblage integrates histories, materials, and organisms, fostering cooperation to revitalize neglected materials with ancient techniques.

The objective is to activate a collaborative process involving residents from Borgo Boschi di San Pietro, Caltagirone, and nearby areas.

Guided by tutors, participants will explore human and non-human histories, create photographic narratives, and construct site-specific installations to transform perceptions of space, landscape, and body.

Project supported by Ikea Foundation Switzerland and in collaboration with @makrame.aps


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