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04.12.22. The Right Humans: installation and performance at the Zurich Human Right Film Festival.

"The Right Humans" is a performance that acknowledges the relationship between Human Rights and everyday objects. The project inscribes Human Rights in awareness signs that symbolically recall an institutional stamp for the validation or certification of personal documents. These stamps are printed onto objects that reflect human practices, poetically pertinent to the Universal Declaration. The audience is invited to participate and bring an object to have it stamped.

WHERE: Human Rights Film Festival, Kosmos 04.12.22 | 14:00–17:00 | Kinoallee, Lagerstrasse 104, 8004 Zürich.

The Right Humans project was initiated in collaboration with Peppe Clemente (1968-2014) in 2006, and it is now publically released for the first time.

Peppe defined himself as:

Casertan by birth, Venetian by choice

graphic designer by profession, parent by love

"always by pleasure and never by command”.

A selection of his work is preserved at the Marciana National Library, Venice.


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