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The Japanese edition of ELIOOO, the instruction manual about how to go to IKEA and build a device to grow food in your apartment is out. The book was translated with (my great proud) by the artist Kione Kochi, who spent few months with me at Conceptual Devices working on different projects and proofread by Yoshikazu Eri. [...]


After the Elephant and the Giraffe the TANTOOO tradition keeps going: a LION just got out from the Zoo of my mind. This will be presented in Milano during the Design Week (8th-13th April, 2014) at Kidsroomzoom in Via Giuseppe Revere 6 20123 Milano, Italy. The very first Elephant prototype will be also presented at MY.PROTOTYPE, at [...]


TANTOOO is the result the encounter between two little girls. This meeting took place on a huge, round, fat, bean bag. This was not like a normal bean bag, it was a special one. It was made by the mother of one of the two girls with a very special cloth, fabricated for external use: [...]


Antonio Scarponi, ELIOOO, Book Mockup

By following the instructions in this book, you will become the manufacturer of an idea. This book is an instruction manual for a product that only exists if you build it. Here are the instructions. I have designed this device so that you can produce your own food, using some inexpensive ikea boxes and the [...]


TANTOOO is more than a bean bag chair. It is so much more: it is a place. No, not just because it is 120 cm wide. But because it is so comfortable and huggy, it’s the perfect place where to read (and write) fairy tales. Its external lining is made of a soft fabric used [...]


Re-Use is a DIY diary and notebook that allows you to save 50% of the office A4 paper you would normally discard. It is free and released under Creative Commons (Attribution–NonCommercial–ShareAlike) license. Preparing the 2012 edition, we decided to re-design it, in order to make it even more customizable and flexible. It is now a [...]


The Italian Constitution is one of the most beautiful juridical texts ever written. Its articles are stated clear and communicate the social universal values of the whole nation. Italy up in smoke is a project for the promotion of these values. People are the medium of distribution and dissemination of them. If you have already [...]

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The design allows a civil servant in today’s multicultural environment to blend in with their new society.The pattern is composed of countries depicted dimensionally proportional to their population. Each country’s colour is a sample of the State Head’s complexion, and the geographical shapes are then ‘casually’ assembled one next to the other, so that the [...]