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Urban Agriculture

It is one of my believes that design is an imaginative art and that it produces, among many others, illustrated stories. It is also my belief that these stories have the Orphic power to animate things, to activate people, companies, transform territories e trace new possible geographies, or just even imagined ones. The 14.04 opened at the Triennale [...]


Food has historically been grown in areas of low real-estate interest, far from densely populated settlements normally described as “cities”.   Farm-X is a modular vertical farm concept that shifts the historical dichotomy between the production and the consumption of food. It grows up to 5t / day of fresh food in 1000 Sqm using [...]


Urban agriculture is a practice that always coexisted within the city and its historical development. In recent times, this practice revamped as a form of engagement of urban communities in local food production. However, contemporary urban agriculture has to deal with a new phenomena that historically did not compromise the quality and the health of [...]


Large, flat, homogeneous and unused industrial rooftops offer great possibilities to install urban farms and provide food within the city. Industrial areas building codes normally do not constrain heights, so farming activities are a concrete opportunity to capitalize the unused industrial rooftop spaces. Urban farming has a lot to do with the use of unexpressed [...]


The Japanese edition of ELIOOO, the instruction manual about how to go to IKEA and build a device to grow food in your apartment is out. The book was translated with (my great proud) by the artist Kione Kochi, who spent few months with me at Conceptual Devices working on different projects and proofread by Yoshikazu Eri. [...]


Orto Perpetuo is a year-round indoor edible garden that grows fruit and leaf vegetables. Orto Perpetuo combines ELIOOO (an hydroponic system made out of IKEA boxes designed by Antonio Scarponi) and the LED lamp Quadra (14W) produced by BULBO. Its modular characteristic allows to scale the size of the growing area. A module (65×95 cm) can [...]

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Antonio Scarponi, ELIOOO, Book Mockup

By following the instructions in this book, you will become the manufacturer of an idea. This book is an instruction manual for a product that only exists if you build it. Here are the instructions. I have designed this device so that you can produce your own food, using some inexpensive ikea boxes and the [...]


The Globe / Hedron has received a nice media coverage over the internet. Here some screenshots of some of the most popular design and sustainability blogs who review it.


GLOBE / HEDRON is a bamboo greenhouse designed to organically grow fish and vegetables on top of generic flat roofs. The design is optimized for aquaponic farming techniques: the fish’s water nourishes the plants and plants clean the water for the fish. Using this farming technique, GLOBE / HEDRON is optimized to feed four families [...]


One of our clients, the start-up UrbanFarmers, was invited to speak at TEDx Zurich to present their urban agricultural concept: good food from the roof. UrbanFarmers is indeed working on the mission to install aquaponic agricultural system on the top of otherwise unused building roofs. Aquaponics is a farming technique that allows to grow fish [...]


As designers we give ideas a form and we transform them into things. We can’t certainly solve the world’s challenges, but what we can do is to create a concrete storytelling about them. A narrative. Malthus is one of these tales. It is an in-home aquaponics unit designed for the next generation kitchen or living [...]