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As we are facing multiple crises in the global economic, social and ecological spheres, innovative solutions are needed to tackle the many challenges at hand. The Hub is designed to facilitate these solutions by creating a global network of collaborative spaces where entrepreneurs and social innovators come together to realize their ideas for a sustainable [...]


Everything that has happened over the last 20 years of Internet is now happening in the real world. We navigate across the Earth’s surface and have the ability to tag, save, comment and share the places we live in, as we would do with a website we enjoy. Everything in the world is interconnected, like [...]


The Italian Constitution, if compared with the real country, looks like a subversive manifesto. Italy up in Smoke is a project for the promotion of the Italian Constitution abroad. The articles (in English) are framed into the non smoking graphic policy of the European Community. Italy up in Smoke is a way to say basta. We want [...]


A hoodie is not just a hoodie. In a world full of stuff, smart items should be transformable, editable. They should engage the possibility to be transformed into something else. We do not need a new object. We  rather need to get rid of some of them, to reduce the complex network of things around [...]


JUD_100302_WIRED PAGE @ 72 DPI

A hoodie is not just a hoodie. In a world full of stuff, smart items should be transformable, editable. They should engage the possibility to be transformed into something else. We do not need a new object, a new thing. Rather we need to get rid of some of them, to reduce the complex network [...]



Yökalenteri means, in Finnish language, “Night Calendar”. A calendar that displays the minutes of night time in Helsinki throughout the year. Yökalenteri hosts “Rêvalités”, a work of Finnish Poet and writer Cia Rinne.”Rêvalités” consists of 36 mini prose pieces, dreams recorded during the time span of a year, which thematically deal with a variety of [...]



Re-Use is a diy diary that allow you to save 50% of the office A4 paper you discard. Download the PDF file and print it on the unused side of your boring papers. The 2010 Re-Use PDF file is available here. Print it- fold it – punch it – bind it. The graphics are designed [...]


Antonio Scrponi, Wired Unplugged, DVD sleeve

They say printed magazine are dead. Wired Unplugged is a proposal to give them a second chance. This project was published on the second issue of Wired UK and the second issue of Wired Italia. If you feel frustrated about the instructions you can watch the how to videos here and here.


wired cover 72

They say printed magazines are dead. Wired Unplugged is an “how to” proposal I have made to give them a second chance. The idea is that they can be designed to be transformed into something else. In the second issue of WIRED UK there are five different example of simple things you could do with [...]



Microstructures for instant urbanization: the free market square Ballon, Turin. [with Marco Lampugnani] RIKEA is a prototype for a micro urban structure that conceives the free market Ballon, Turin, as a system of “instant urbanization”. The project was prototyped together with IKEA and Italcementi. It consists of tiles for the recognition of the merchants’ position [...]

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Memorial to the victims of modernity. [collaboration with Andrea Zausa] 157 is a project for a permanent urban installation conceived as memorial to the victims of modernity. 157 is the number of the workers who died of cancer due to the long exposure of PVC and CVM in the petrochemical factory in Marghera, Venice. 157 [...]



Preliminary project_renovation_Trentino, Italy_ [collaborator Stefano Massa] The Cupboard House is a preliminary project for a renovation of a dwelling unit constructed at the beginning of the last century in Trentino during autarchy.The project is organized along a vertical cupboard of 15 meters that contains all the technical facilities: staircase, bathrooms, kitchen, wardrobes, electrical equipments and [...]



[with K_maps_Emanuele Bompan + Riccardo Pravettoni] Malthus’ is a project designed for an Exhibition called FAMA/FAME (Hunger/Fame) The concept “to become famous” focuses the ambition of the artist to be accepted in the art system and, at the same time, the need to survive in everyday life. It represents symbolically all relations between life, love [...]


Human Rights Marketing. [with Peppe Clemente] Right Humans is a project for the creation of a visual consciousness of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights.The project inscribes the Human Rights articles into awareness signs that symbolically recall an institutional stamp for the validation or certification of personal documents. Each sign inscribed in such symbolic [...]


Italia in fumo [with Peppe Clemente] means “Italy up in smoke”. It is a project for the promotion and the divulgation of the Italian Constitution. The project frames articles concerning the “Fundamental Rights of the Republic” (Parte I, Principii Fondamentali) and a selection of “Rights and Duties of the Citizens” (Parte II, Diritti e Doveri dei Cittadini) [...]


Project, 2004. A. Scarponi, S.Massa, F. Pedrini, A.De Luca _ A vertical Public Space. The Dreaming Wall is a project for a blank wall in an historical square of Milan, originally submitted for a competition. The wall is conceived as an Info Forum: a public vertical space reflecting the dual character of the city [...]



Produced by Arbos, Italy RE-USE allows to re-use the back of discarded photocopies or of any computer-printed document. Follow the Re-use instructions, download Re-use files and print out your diary, the notebook and address book on the blank side of any standard-sized printed paper. You can then bind your Re-use simply with the help of [...]



Installation, 2003_PVC tubes, tape, dropping water sound. [Collaboration with B. Galassi] Vanishing Water displays the main problem related to the luck of drinkable water in the Sicily region, the losses. PVC tubes for urban pipes, are used as histograms that visualize the gap between the water available for the population, and the amount of water [...]



Hand knotted carpet, 2003-2004_270 x 270 cm_private collection, Prato, Italy.



Hand knotted carpet_2003-2004_180 x 300 cm_Private Collection, Firenze, Italy. Polis is a carpet that symbolically represents the entire population of the World. Each section contains the flags of the continent proportionally enlarged to the population of the States they represent. A knot in the carpet stands for 23 people.



Inject print on paper_150 x 370 cm Valokalenteri (from Finnish language “Light Calendar”) shows the minutes of light at the latitudes of the finnish territory. Horizontally there is months and days of the year reported in the official finnish national spoken languages: Finnish and Swedish. Vertically there is the hours of the day: the white [...]



Installation, Lasipalatsi Gallery, Helsinki, 2004. EU 2004 is a European Union portrait devised to represent the inclusion of eastern countries. Each head of state’s portrait is displayed proportionally in relation to the size of the population they represent. The installation is a rear projected slide show on a main gallery window to establish a direct [...]


The design allows a civil servant in today’s multicultural environment to blend in with their new society.The pattern is composed of countries depicted dimensionally proportional to their population. Each country’s colour is a sample of the State Head’s complexion, and the geographical shapes are then ‘casually’ assembled one next to the other, so that the [...]



Human Atlas. 1 px = 1000 people Human World is an Atlas that represents the world from the point of view of it’s population: people the unit of measurement of cultural and political information. Human World maps the area of each State proportionally to its population – 1 pixel = 1,000 people. As in Alighiero [...]



Cartogram-flag of the political elections of 04 November 2008. Obama campain, among many other things, revolutionate the political map of the United Stated of America. This is a proposal for a Flag that represent this historical change.