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Designed for the Bernese community of Steffisburg to host different open-air cultural events of the triennial festival art-container, the pavilion is conceived as an architectonic contribution to the long iconographic tradition of the Jungfrau chain initiated by Paul Klee, Arnold Böchlin, Ferdinand Hodler and carried until today by many other artists. The project was commissioned [...]


What would it take, today, to imagine an off-grid urbanization? La Città Libera is a model that feature a basic taxonomy architectural elements and the necessary equipment to produce electricity, hot water, food, and depurate waste, for housing units for four people. The model is conceived as an “urban toy” in which potential inhabitants could [...]


Campo Libero (The Innocent House) is a mobile device for the reactivation of the lands confiscated from the mafia in the south of Italy. Designed as an off-grid rural mobile pavilion for the Italian organization Libera, which promotes legality by training volunteers, providing legal support and helping refugees working with no rights in the tomato [...]

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Thun is the design of a shadow line, conveyed on top of a thin wooden structure. It’s a light landscape furniture designed to host open-air moment of convivial life. Thun was conceived as an “architectural portrait” of the valley generated by the river that flows into the homonymous lake that also gives the name to [...]