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La Città Libera is a participatory tool that challenges architecture to explore the consequences of an off-grid urban form. La Città Libera consists of a 1:50 wooden model with basic architectural elements to develop a given plot at hight living standards, providing the necessary surfaces for producing electricity, hot water, food and to depurate the water [...]


It is one of my believes that design is an imaginative art and that it produces, among many others, illustrated stories. It is also my belief that these stories have the Orphic power to animate things, to activate people, companies, transform territories e trace new possible geographies, or just even imagined ones. The 14.04 opened at the Triennale [...]


Campo Libero (The Innocent House) is a mobile device for the reactivation of the lands confiscated from the mafia in the south of Italy. Designed as an off-grid rural mobile pavilion for the Italian organization Libera, which promotes legality by training volunteers, providing legal support and helping refugees working with no rights in the tomato [...]

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Time to conceptual shopping in DADA Zurich. This year I was asked by Adrian Notz, the director of the Cabaret Voltaire, to set up a special Christmass Shop for this year shopping season. As always, time was short and budget was very limited. For this reason, we decided to re-use some of the elements I [...]


Being an architect I like to design things that anyone can manufacture. A good design can turn the world population into the bigger creative industry ever known: an aware industry where ideas becomes effectively tangible. In this sense I like to draw recipes and instructions manuals as ultimate design tools of our times, so to [...]



Installation, 2003_PVC tubes, tape, dropping water sound. [Collaboration with B. Galassi] Vanishing Water displays the main problem related to the luck of drinkable water in the Sicily region, the losses. PVC tubes for urban pipes, are used as histograms that visualize the gap between the water available for the population, and the amount of water [...]