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Campo Libero in Social Design Exhibition, Zurich, Museum für Gestaltung, 04.10.18 – 03.02.2019.

Ideas can change reality much more profoundly than how reality can make us change our ideas. Some projects, in the history of architecture, were never built. However, they had a life on their own, impacting reality much more deeply than concrete buildings. They have been constructed in others minds.

A small project, which I called Campo Libero, designed for the Italian Pavillion at the XV Venice Architecture Biennale, has not yet been built but with a bit of fortune, it is travelling from an exhibition to another, from country to country, from publication to publication. It is telling its story and, perhaps, it is adding a brick in the architectural imaginary of our times.

Campo Libero is the story of two men who meet under a tin napkin of shadow in the middle of a southern Italian countryside. One is a lawyer, the other a farmer. The lawyer is a volunteer that helps the farmer to initiate a legality procedure and to denounce illegal mafia-related activities.
Campo Libero has the form of this dialogue. Humble, simple and yet true. It is the form of freedom.

The pavilion is not yet built, but instead, a chair where this conversation takes place was made to witness the work of many volunteers who currently risk their lives for an idea that will impact the reality and well as the minds of many others around them.

Campo Libero will be exhibited in “Social Design“, curated by Angeli Sachs, 04.10.18 -  03.02.2019 at Museum für Gestaltung, Toni-Areal, Zurich. Catalogue by Lars Müller, Zurich.


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