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The Jungfrau Pavilion. The Architecture of a Landscape.

Designed for the Bernese community of Steffisburg to host different open-air cultural events of the triennial festival art-container, the pavilion is conceived as an architectonic contribution to the long iconographic tradition of the Jungfrau chain initiated by Paul Klee, Arnold Böchlin, Ferdinand Hodler and carried until today by many other artists.

The project was commissioned by the local community, based on a previously landscape intervention designed for the same location by Antonio Scarponi in 2015. With its 250 square meters of covered surface and its 9 meters height, for 2018 edition of Art Container Steffisburg (May 5th – June 23rd) the project reached an architectural scale, developed in collaboration with the local authorities who carried the project to completion, from fundraising to technical engineering.

Designed as a theatrical device, the Jungfrau Pavilion presents itself as a lay cathedral surrounded by rape fields to host daily liturgies such as concerts, speeches, gastronomic degustations and open leisure activities that celebrate the sublimeness of the alpine Bernese landscape and territory.

The pavilion features ad-hoc furniture realised with concrete casting boards to match the surrounding yellow rape flowers fields. The wooden roof structure consists of an “open truss” system that allows the suspension of a rooftop membrane that inverts the load forces and optimises the natural structure resistance performance of the wood construction. The pavilion is designed as a temporary structure that can be efficiently rebuilt in different contexts and host various cultural open-air events.

Project Initiator: Art Container Steffisburg / Gemeinde Steffisburg
Design: Antonio Scarponi / Conceptual Devices.
Events and Artistic Direction: Ines Meyer Döring, Corinne Vogel
Planning: Bauholz Wenger GmbH
Realisation: GLB AG
Textiles: Hofstetter Zelt & Event AG


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