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La Città Libera. Installation and Workshops at the Swiss Art Awards, Art Basel 2018, 12-17.06.

La Città Libera is a participatory tool that challenges architecture to explore the consequences of an off-grid urban form. La Città Libera consists of a 1:50 wooden model with basic architectural elements to develop a given plot at hight living standards, providing the necessary surfaces for producing electricity, hot water, food and to depurate the water for its inhabitants.

La Città Libera is a pre-design tool to engage different urban actors to imagine an off-grid neighborhood and to explore, with them, its spatial implications.

For the Swiss Art Awards, La Città Libera will involve the public in different workshops sessions in which an extemporary 1:50 study model of a possible off-grid neighborhood for 48 inhabitants will be built. Book a workshop here.

La Città Libera is an itinerant research project initiated with a commission for the XV Venice Architecture Biennale of an off-grid pavilion designed for the Italian organization “Libera. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie” ( for the reactivation of the lands confiscated to the mafia in the south of Italy.

This first unit named “Campo Libero. The Innocent House” has been scaled to a more comprehensive urban strategy through a series of workshops that involved different institutions, including the MAS ETH in Housing of the ETH Wohnforum curated by Jennifer Duyne Berenstein, and ZHdK Zurich.

The current model is the result of a more extended investigation carried out with Master Students of the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Institute Integrative Design ⎢Masterstudio in Basel, curated by Christine Schranz.

For the Swiss Art AwardsAntonio Scarponi will engage La Città Libera with the public. The workshops will be open to a maximum of six people for each session (40min).


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