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Storie. The Italian Design. ELIOOO Exhibited at the Triennale Design Museum: 14.04.18 – 20.01.19

It is one of my believes that design is an imaginative art and that it produces, among many others, illustrated stories. It is also my belief that these stories have the Orphic power to animate things, to activate people, companies, transform territories e trace new possible geographies, or just even imagined ones. The 14.04 opened at the Triennale Design Museum an exhibition titled Stories, the Italian Design. I am taking part to the contemporary section curated by Chiara Alessi, with a book: ELIOOO (2014), which tell how to use elements produced and distributed by IKEA to build hydroponic devices to grow food at home.

I believe that today, we do not need a product more, but rather a product less. I like to think of Design as a story able to transform the ancient consumers into the producers of ideas. In the exhibition, the book will be exhibited in its various editions (English, Japanese, Russian, German) and an installation, Orto Perpetuo, realized in collaboration with Bulbo Light and Piccolo Seeds, which provides an exclusive selection of plants to be grown inside the museum.


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