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La Città Libera. Design Process Workshop. FHNW, Basel, 26-28.3.18.

What would it take, today, to imagine an off-grid urbanization?
La Città Libera is a model that feature a basic taxonomy architectural elements and the necessary equipment to produce electricity, hot water, food, and depurate waste, for housing units for four people. The model is conceived as an “urban toy” in which potential inhabitants could play and sketch a fragment of a neighbourhood that they could dwell, off-grid. La Città Libera is designed as a tool to explore possibilities and alternatives to an unbearably fast urbanizing world and develop an challenge a possible architectural language to tackle it.
The project itself is conceived as a prototype that evolves through workshops within educational and cultural institutions and involves students, local communities and developers. After the first micro-unit proposal at the Venice Architecture Biennale (Campo Libero) an early “pretotype” has been developed with ETH master students. Next stop, Basel at FHNW for the interdisciplinary design process studio 26-28.3. La Città Libera, is indeed an idea on the go, and you are part of it.


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