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Somnia et Labora. Hotello at 999 Domande, Exhibition on Dwelling at Triennale Design Museum, Milano.

An exhibition with 999 questions about today’s concept of “home”, is the theme in which Hotello, designed for das konzept in collaboration with Roberto de Luca (2013), was invited to take part in Triennale Design Museum, Milano, January 12 – April 2, 2018.

Un post condiviso da Antonio Scarponi (@scarponio) in data:

Hotello is a portable room designed as a mobile “theater” where to dream and work. It contains a bed, a desk, a bookshelf, a translucent as well as an opaque curtain that define a minimum dwelling space. Hotello can be dismantled and transported into a trunk which would be otherwise used as a wardrobe.

999 questions, curated by Stefano Mirti, is a grand exhibition on living, which could be intended as big a house with a variety of rooms, settings, activities, and relations. The exhibition is conceived as a three-month-long program of local and global experiences that connect with the general public with 999 questions about what is a home, today.

Un post condiviso da Antonio Scarponi (@scarponio) in data: Gen 11, 2018 at 8:43 PST

During the time of the exhibition, Hotello will host a program of performances curated by Ermanno Cristini and Giancarlo Norese, “abitare un ritardo” (dwelling a delay). The performances program will feature, among others: Ermanno Cristini e Giancarlo Norese (January 11th), Roberto de Luca e Antonio Scarponi (March 10th); Giovanni Bai (March 23rd); Helga Franza; Marco Giacomoni (March 1st); Silvia Hell (March 7th); Corrado Levi; Microcollection (March 11th); Chiara Pergola (March 8th); Luca Scarabelli (March 14th); Umberto Cavenago; Gianluca Codeghini (March 7th); Paola Pietronave & Francesca Migone (March 25th); Matteo Cremonesi (March 22th); Marika Pensa, Omar Nedjari (March 20th); Giuliano Palmieri (March 16th); Daniele Pario Perra, Lucia Babina (March 4th); E il Topo (Gabriele Di Matteo, Steve Piccolo, Gak Sato) (February 27th); Luca Pancrazzi (March 6th); Al Fadhil (February 28th); Marta Margnetti; Fiorenza Bassetti (March 24th); Meinrad Feuchter (March 17th); Silvano Repetto (March 9th); Mirko Aretini (March 18th); Olivia Notaro (March 21st); Francesco Maria Gamba (March 2nd); Stefano Benini (March 3rd); Giuliano Galletta (March 13th); Stefano Cagol (March 27th).


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